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Can my Mac run OS X Yosemite?

03 Jun, 2014

Want to prepare your Mac for OS X Yosemite?

Not sure if you can upgrade your Mac to the latest, beautifully re-designed version of Mac OS? Well if you're currently running Mountain Lion or Mavericks, you're in luck, with the list of compatible Macs remaining the same.

The Mac's listed below will be able to install Yosemite when it's available later in the year:

Mid-2007 or newer

Late 2008 aluminium, or early 2009 or newer

MacBook Pro
13 inch: Mid-2009 or newer
15 inch: Mid-/late 2007 or newer
17 inch: Late 2007 or newer

MacBook Air
Late 2008 or newer

Mac mini
Early 2009 or newer

Mac Pro
Early 2008 or newer

Early 2009

Source: Apple, Ars Technica

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