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Introducing the new RoaringApps

18 Aug, 2015

A new OS X and an updated RoaringApps

RoaringApps version 3 home page

With a new version of Mac OS X just around the corner, I decided to update RoaringApps in more ways than one. Rather than just tacking El Capitan on top of the existing site, RoaringApps has been rewritten from scratch on a new framework to improve performance and make it easier for me to keep up to date and release new features into the future.

While on the face of it not much has changed, underneath is a far more organised and clean code base that will mean I can more quickly integrate new versions of operating systems when they're released, as well as develop new features. I've also taken the opportunity to expand the site to include supporting application compatibility for Windows. My personal experience with Windows is limited, but I imagine they have the same issues with app compatibility when new versions of the OS are released as Mac OS. Hopefully the Windows community can get on board and find RoaringApps just as useful as users of OS X.

Another new feature to make it into the update is email notifications. You can now subscribe to specific applications and receive an email when new compatibility information is available. So if there's an app holding you back updating your OS, you can be notified as soon as the RoaringApps database is updated.

These are just a couple of ideas that were in the pipeline, and I plan on updating the site over the coming months with more new features.

P.S. Sometimes I miss little (or big) details here or there when updating the site. If you notice anything not quite working as expected, or if you've got any other comments about the new version of RoaringApps (or just want to have a chat), please get in touch. I'd love to hear from you.

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