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iOS wallpaper: Pluto in enhanced colour

25 Sep, 2015

NASA have just released a stunning high-resolution image of Pluto taken by its New Horizons spacecraft, and it makes for a beautiful wallpaper.

Pluto wallpaper on iPhone 6S

I thought the image was so good, I wanted to share it, so I've created files in suitable sizes to make it easy to add the wallpaper to your home or lock screen. There are static and parallax versions available for iPhones 5, 6 and 6 Plus, as well as non-retina and retina iPads.

The image of Pluto, which in full resolution measures 8000 x 8000, also makes for a fairly stunning OS X wallpaper:

Pluto on iMac

Image credit: NASA/JHUAPL/SwRI

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