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New: email notifications

18 Aug, 2015

Subscribe for updates every time an app is updated

I'm pleased to announce a brand new feature available now on RoaringApps – email notifications.

Sometimes there's an application that you just can't live without. And sometimes there are applications that are a little slow to be updated to support new versions of the operating system. When that's the same application, often you're left with no option but to hold off updating your computer until you know the application will work.

What if you could be notified as soon as that happens? Well with the new RoaringApps email notifications, now you can! And it couldn't get much easier. Here's how.

1. If you haven't already, sign up for a RoaringApps account.

This way we have your email address. You know, to send you the emails.

RoaringApps register modal

2. Browse for the applications you'd like to follow.

Use the search feature on the home page or the application compatibility table to find the application's you'd like to watch. If you can't find the app, add it to the database so others can find it and share their experiences.

RoaringApps app compatibility table

3. Start watching the applications.

On each application's page, click the 'watch' button to subscribe for updates.

Click the watching button to subscribe for updates.

4. Wait for the updates.

That's it! We'll shoot you an email when someone edits the application's page or shares new compatibility information.

RoaringApps watching email

5. Pay it forward.

While you're waiting for information on the apps you're interested in, why not share your experience with other applications? You never know who'll be interested to see what is and isn't working.

Keeping up with watch your watching

You can keep track of the applications that you're watching on your account watching page, where you can also see the latest notifications we've sent you.

RoaringApps watching - list of applications

Bonus: watch all of your favourited apps.

If you already have a RoaringApps account and have added applications to your favourites list, you can subscribe to watch all of your favourited apps with just one click. Head on over to your account watching page and check the box 'Watch all of my favourited apps', and we'll subscribe you to them all.

RoaringApps watching options

Bonus: get notified when new apps are added.

If you're really keen, you can also subscribe to be notified when new applications are added to the database. Check the box on your account watching page to subscribe.

I really hope you find the email notifications a useful addition to RoaringApps, and as always if you've got any ideas for further improvements to the site, let me know!

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