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Application compatibility

Crowd-sourced information that gives you confidence to upgrade.

  • macOS
  • iOS
  • Windows

With each new release of the major desktop and mobile operating systems, there's always the chance that something will break. Whether it's a mission-critical application or just an app you use every day, sometimes you can't take the risk.

RoaringApps brings together the experiences of thousands of early-adopters to show you which apps are working fine, and which aren't. So you can upgrade your OS with confidence knowing exactly what to expect.

Compatibility status reports

Simple to understand

We break down an application's compatibility into three simple phrases – working fine, some problems and doesn't work – to give you an easy to understand overview of what to expect.


Each report is crowd-sourced, bringing together the experiences of multiple users to provide the most accurate information.

Email notifications

Get notified about changes to the apps that matter

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