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Written by bryce · 30 August, 2020

During WWDC 2020, Apple announced a plan to transition Mac computers to Apple-designed processors dubbed Apple Silicon, shifting away from the Intel CPUs that have been at the core of the Mac lineup since 2005.

Apple Silicon processors are ARM64-based, which will require developers to update their apps to run natively on the new systems. Apple's arm-based processors currently power all iPhone & iPad devices and are expected to bring improved performance and battery life to Mac computers, in addition to higher performance GPUs and advanced neural engine processing.

For apps that haven't been updated or that are no longer actively developed, the Rosetta 2 translation technology in macOS Big Sur will allow existing Mac apps, plugins & drivers to run on the new Macs.

The RoaringApps crowd-sourced database is keeping track of which apps have been updated for Apple Silicon - see the list of apps below that have been reported as working a-okay on the new Macs.

Apple Silicon native apps


No applications in this collection yet.