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RoaringApps for your Mac – Support

Frequently asked questions

How does RoaringApps for your Mac work?

RoaringApps for your Mac searches for any installed applications on your Mac, matches them with applications in the RoaringApps database and then shows you the crowd-sourced compatibility information.

How do I add additional application directories?

By default, RoaringApps for your Mac checks for any applications installed in the default /Applications directory. If you store applications in another location, you can add additional directories to search by:

If this is the first time you’ve opened RoaringApps for your Mac

Click the ‘add another directory’ button and navigate to the desired folder, then click choose. Repeat this step for any other directories, then click the ‘Go’ button.

If you have already scanned for applications

In the sidebar, click the ‘+’ button next to the directories heading, and navigate to your desired folder, then click choose. Repeat this step for any other directories. To re-scan the new directories, click the ‘Refresh’ button next to the Apps List heading in the sidebar.

Why should I sign in to my RoaringApps account?

Signing in to your RoaringApps account allows you to see your favourited applications. By signing in, you also have the option to upload a list of installed applications to your RoaringApps account, allowing you to check their compatibility directly from the RoaringApps website.

By signing in, you also have the ability to share compatibility information for the apps you have installed to help other RoaringApps users.

How do I sign in to my RoaringApps account?

To sign in, click the Account item in the menubar, then click Sign In . Alternatively, press command + I.

What happens if I choose to upload my list of installed applications?

The list of applications installed on your Mac is uploaded to your RoaringApps account. When signed in to the RoaringApps website, you will now see an ’Installed on your Mac’ option on the main compatibility table, which will filter the table to only show apps from the installed list.

If you choose to keep your profile private, only you will be able to see the list of applications. If you choose a public profile, your list of installed and favourited applications will be visible to anyone from your profile page.

How do I share compatibility information about apps I have installed?

First, make sure you are signed in to your RoaringApps account and have an active internet connection.

Then, hover over the app you'd like to share your experience with and click the three dots that appear next to its name to reveal the detail dropdown.

Click the 'Share compatibility status' button; you'll see a new window with options to choose a status, add a compatibility note and submit your report. The information will be sent to the RoaringApps database for other users to see.

How do I change my RoaringApps profile to private?

From RoaringApps for your Mac

Open the preferences screen (command + ,), and under the Profile page heading, select the Private option.

On the RoaringApps website

Go to your profile page (click your username in the top header, then click ‘Profile’). Click the Edit your profile link, and under the Profile settings heading, select the Private option, then click ’Save’ .

How do I remove the list of installed applications from my RoaringApps account?

Open the preferences screen (command + ,), and under the Installed applications heading, click the ’More details…’ button. Click the cross button next to each item to remove that list from your account.

Note: if you still have the upload option enabled, your installed applications list will be uploaded again the next time the app refreshes. If you would like to stop the list of installed apps uploading to your account, uncheck that option as well.

Help & support pages

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More support

If you require further assistance with RoaringApps for your Mac, please contact me via Twitter @RoaringApps or email.

Beta software

RoaringApps for your Mac is currently in beta. The latest version is 1.5.0 .